API Version Release


New Features and Options


Re-estimating ETAs

If you want to make manual changes to the routes, such as swapping two stops in the route order, then there’s an endpoint for that. This endpoint allows you to specify a solution manually, and we’ll return the updated ETAs and timings. The endpoint address is:


It accepts the same POST data as a regular route request, except it has one more key called 'solution' with the value being an object of vehicle ids and their array of orders.


Adding new visits to existing solutions

The following endpoints are used to dispatch a new order, or a batch of new orders, to existing optimized routes. Typically, at the beginning of the day you would optimize your routes once and assign them to your drivers. Throughout the day, when new orders come in, you wouldn’t want to re-optimize the entire fleet; instead, you can use this endpoint to optimally insert new orders, while keeping your current routes unchanged.

For adding new visits to existing VRP solutions:

For adding new visits to existing PDP solutions:


  • added: Support for re-estimating ETAs
  • added: Support for adding new visits to existing solutions
  • added: