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Multiple Loads and Capacites

You may also specify multiple load parameters if you provide an object. This is useful if you define your load across multiple dimensions, for example weight and volume:

"load": { 
  "weight": 10,
  "volume": 200

The entire load has to fit in the remaining vehicle capacity for it to be assigned. Now you can distinguish heavy goods that are small from large goods that are light :)

Another way to use multiple loads is to specify product-level details:

"load": {
  "large_item": 1,
  "small_item": 5,
  "other_stuff": 2

Note that if you specify multiple loads, these loads need to correspond with the capacity parameter in the vehicle object. If not, they will be unserved with the message "The loads cannot fit in any vehicle."


  • added: Support for load and capacity as an object
  • added: