[Beta] Avoiding Toll Roads


The Engine API can now exclude toll roads during route optimization and yield a solution that excludes all toll roads in its routes.

In the Options object, include a boolean parameter 'avoid_tolls' to either enable or disable this feature as part of your optimization request.

Usage & Example

Check out the following code sample for an example of its usage. By Default, 'avoid_tolls' option is set to false.

	"visits": { ...	},
	"fleet": { ...	},
 	"options": {
			"avoid_tolls": {true||false}

Here's an example of a route with/without the 'avoid_tolls' option enabled.



This option is now available on all synchronous and asynchronous endpoints such as /vrp, /vrp-long, /pdp, and /pdp-long. In addition, this option is also supported by all v1.x versions of the API.

Note: Adding the 'avoid_tolls' option to an optimization request has no material impact on the processing times for the optimization job.

If you encounter any errors or notice a degradation of job processing times related to usage of 'avoid_tolls" option, please contact us at [email protected].