The most versatile route optimization API

This is the ultimate solution to automate and optimize your routing and scheduling operations. With Routific's Engine API, you can integrate our proprietary algorithms into your software. Countless businesses benefit from route optimization. Here's just a sample of some of the most popular use-cases:

  • meal delivery
  • grocery delivery
  • parcel delivery
  • field services
  • moving companies
  • house calls
  • moving boxes
  • storage solutions
  • distribution logistics
  • bakeries
  • flower shops
  • realtors
  • pharmacies
  • medical equipment delivery
  • waste management

All these businesses have something in common – the need to plan daily routes to visit multiple stops, either with a single vehicle or a fleet of vehicles.


Vehicle Routing Problem

While scheduled deliveries derive the most value from route optimization, routing remains a useful method to aid (or even automate) on-demand services and their manual dispatching operations.


Planning horizon

It is assumed that the planning horizon does not exceed 96 hours, starting from 00:00 to 96:00.

Note that Routific would consider it one continuous route, without returns to a central depot. Having such a long shift is only useful if you have a really long continuous route. Note that you can define multiple breaks for your drivers to ensure they get enough rest :)

If instead you needed to plan separate routes across multiple days, you can define a separate driver for each day, that start and end at the central depot.

Reach us at [email protected] if you have any questions.

Call the API with inputs that accurately describe your real-life situation, and it will respond with an optimized assignment as well as the ordering of visits across your fleet, while trying to meet all the constraints provided. If some visits cannot be served because of the latter, we will return them as unserved.

The output will also include idle time (if any) at locations where the driver needs to wait for the start of the time-window. The algorithm will automatically minimize the total idle time on your routes, which may result in a delayed departure time.

If our API lacks support of a fundamental element to your logistics, do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

Newer versions of of our API have additional functionality which you can access by appending the version number to the URL e.g. to access features available in version 1.9, use The latest version of our API is specified on the the top left hand section of this page.