Something went wrong?

Successful requests return HTTP code 200. In other cases, we will return an error code with a helpful message.

200Successful request
400Input error, see the error message for details
401Are you sending your API token in the request header?
408Request timeout. Your request was too large. Consider using Long-running tasks.
412No solution could be found. Please check your input? Usually due to incorrect time-windows.
429Exceeding daily request limits? Is your problem size larger than your current account limits? You can request an increase by writing to [email protected]
500Sorry, our bad. Let us know what happened! We're at [email protected]

Below is a list of non-HTTP error codes that can be returned by Routific when certain validations fail. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list.

Error CodeError Message
ERR_DRIVER_NOT_SAME_REGIONPlease make sure your drivers are in the same region as your visits.
ERR_ALL_VISITS_INCOMPATIBLESorry, none of the stops can be scheduled. Please check your inputs and constraints.
ERR_BREAKS_NOT_SUPPORTED_PDPBreaks are not supported in pdp requests.
ERR_UNABLE_TO_SQUEEZE_STOPSSorry - we aren’t able to squeeze these stops in. Please adjust your parameters and try again.
ERR_BAD_TRAFFIC_OPTIONSoptions.traffic must be either a number between {{MIN_TRAFFIC}} and {{MAX_TRAFFIC}} or one of the values: 'faster'(default), 'fast', 'normal', 'slow', 'very slow'
ERR_VRP_TIMEOUTRequest timed out. Please consider /vrp-long for large requests
ERR_PDP_TIMEOUTRequest timed out. Please consider /pdp-long for large requests
ERR_LT_ZERO_SQUASH_DURATIONExpecting a number > 0 for squash_durations parameter
ERR_REACHED_STOP_LIMITToo many stops: maximum {{maxVisits}} stops - please contact [email protected] to request an increase.
ERR_REACHED_DAILY_QUOTAExceeded daily limit of {{dailyLimit}} - please contact [email protected]
ERR_VISIT_DURATION_NOT_NUMBERVisit '{{id}}': Duration must be a number
ERR_VISIT_PRIORITY_OUT_OF_RANGEVisit '{{id}}': Priority must be a number between {{minValue}} and {{maxValue}}
ERR_VISIT_PRIORITY_INVALID_OPTIONVisit '{{id}}': Priority must be one of the following options ({{priorityList}})
ERR_NO_INCOMPATIBLE_TYPESYou don't have any compatible Types. Make sure you've set Types for both stops and drivers.
ERR_INCONSISTENT_CAPACITYExpecting consistent capacity types. They must be either all numbers or all objects.
ERR_NO_SINGLE_ROUTE_CAPACITYSorry, we cannot find a route for this problem! All visits' are unserved because of their load requirements.
ERR_END_EARLIER_THAN_STARTShift-end time cannot be earlier than start time!
ERR_UNSERVED_UNKNOWN_VISITUnknown visit '{{id}}' in unserved list
ERR_PREDICTED_TIMESTAMP_FORMATPredicted traffic is not supported with UNIX timestamp input. Please use 'hh:mm' input for times.
ERR_DROPOFF_EARLIER_PICKUPVisit '{{name}}': Dropoff end time cannot be earlier than pickup start time
ERR_VISIT_LOAD_NOT_NUMBERVisit '{{id}}': Load must be a number
ERR_VEHICLE_CAPACITY_NOT_NUMBERVehicle '{{id}}': Capacity must be a number
ERR_VISIT_LOAD_IMPROPER_TYPEVisit '{{id}}': Load must be a number or a number valued object
ERR_VEHICLE_CAPACITY_IMPROPER_TYPEVehicle '{{id}}': Capacity must be a number or a number valued object
ERR_INVALID_TYPEType must be a string, number or an array of strings and numbers
ERR_JOB_NOT_FOUNDJob {{jobId}} not found!
ERR_VISIT_DURATION_GT_ZEROAll visits' duration must be greater than zero.
ERR_FIELD_NOT_BOOLEAN{{field}}' must be boolean (true or false)
ERR_LT_ZERO_MAX_VISIT_LATENESSmax_visit_lateness must be a number and cannot be less than 0
ERR_LT_ZERO_MAX_VEHICLE_OVERTIMEmax_vehicle_overtime must be a number and cannot be less than 0
ERR_UNSUPPORTED_GEOCODER_OPTIONUnsupported geocoder option, valid options are: 'google' or 'here'
ERR_MIN_VISITS_PER_VEHICLEWe expect a positive integer in options.min_visits_per_vehicle.
ERR_BALANCE_AND_MIN_VISITS_PER_VEHICLE_INCOMPATIBLEoptions 'visit_balance_coefficient' and 'min_visits_per_vehicle' are not compatible
ERR_BALANCE_AND_MIN_VISITS_INCOMPATIBLEoptions 'visit_balance_coefficient' and 'min_visits' are not compatible
ERR_BALANCE_AND_BALANCE_VISIT_COEFFICIENT_INCOMPATIBLEoptions 'balance' and 'visit_balance_coefficient' are not compatible
ERR_BALANCE_NOT_A_NUMBERoptions: 'visit_balance_coefficient' should be a number
ERR_BALANCE_NOT_IN_RANGEoptions: 'visit_balance_coefficient' should be in range [0,1]
ERR_TIME_BALANCE_NOT_A_BOOLEANoptions: 'time_balance' should be a boolean
ERR_UNSUPPORTED_VERSIONfeature {{ name }} is only supported on version v1.{{ minVersion }} and higher